My Home Away From Home

I have finally gotten settled at my place in Kampung Gajah. It has some quirks for sure. I have an unexpected housemate: a gecko that I have named Giuseppe. He has pale skin, dark black eyes, and he constantly darts about like he is running from the cops (speaking of cops… stay tuned for my next post). He’s essentially the reptilian version of Robert Durst. I also was kept awake a few nights ago by some monkeys apparently filming a World Star Hip-Hop video outside my window. Still, for all its obstacles, I love my house. It amazes me every day how, even thousands of miles from the life I knew before, I feel incredibly comfortable and at peace in a place so foreign to me.

Here is a video tour of my crib. Thank you so much to Encik Ibrahim and Ibu Nor Rizah for welcoming us so warmly into their home for this year! Clay and I hope we can be “good neighbors” to you, just as you have promised to be for us.

Now, back to cleaning…


One thought on “My Home Away From Home

  1. I confess. I had to Google “Robert Durst”, but now I can picture your house guest. Loved seeing your new home!! Proud of you for cleaning, too!


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